A new beginning

And so it seems that in order to avoid retrograde I must proceed.  Was it really only 12 years ago that I first used a Pine editor to create a simple website … how things and time have changed. Reading through the documenation for WordPress made me feel like a foreigner.  Words for which  thought I knew the meaning have been kidnapped and redefined in the contect of internet usage.  Where was I while all this was happening?  How did I ever get so far behind?  It feels as if keeping up with the technology is a full time job in and of itself … forget about simple things like physical fitness, running businesses .. and oh, what happnened to knitting and listening to a good book.  “Sorry everyone, I’m learning about blogging now and should come up for air around 2010.”  Of course, by that time blogging will also be obsolete!

This does have great potential, though.  I get to rant with all the fun and none of the grave looks from listeners. 

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